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Navigate the Future with EnergyMeter Advanced Control and Analytics Hub

Energy Meter deliver on all-in-one automated management to save time, errors and money. With this digital precise energy monitoring the resource and cost efficiency can be increased directly

User Authentication

Allows users to effectively manage their accounts by logging in using their usernames and passwords.

The “remember me” option allows users to keep their login information securely for quick sessions that remember their passwords.


Provides a streamlined presentation of the relevant data, information, and device statistics for the user. This includes real-time information for the current load status, electricity availability, power factor, current usage, and the total number of units spent.

Additionally, it displays the consumption history for the last seven days and includes a PDF download option for the graph. Additionally, it shows the percentage of unit consumption and sheds light on the device mode.

Built for Everyone

Dashboard Features

4 Buttons

  • Current Status: When the device loads, KW will appear.
  • Power: Your device will operate after the power is turned on and the red blanking is complete.
  • Current:  The device will operate when the green light is ON; if not, it will not function.
  • Consumed Units: It will be shown total consumed units

About Graph

The entire history is displayed after the unit was consumed last week.


Which phase is connected, which device is attached, which device’s name is displayed, and a green indicator indicates that the device is on board. This icon indicates that the device is in reset mode if it is not linked to the user’s access.

Device List

Allow users to see the overview of all their devices, and can shift between devices.

Device List

Indicates prepaid or postpaid status, displaying respective remaining and consumed units based on the selected mode.

Postpaid/Estimation Bill

This functionality estimates the bill of current month consumption or user can write any units count, tariff type, and distribution company. Also it presents slab names and corresponding rates for the selected device.

Prepaid/Estimation Bill

This functionality estimates the bill by inputting consumed units, by selecting the distribution company then displaying the option of tariff types. Also, it presents slab names and corresponding rates.

Top up/Billings

This functionality enables bill payment by providing the bill amount and selecting options to make an online payment using JazzCash:

  • Mobile Account,
  • Credit/debit card, or
  • Voucher payment.

Clicking the pay button will then display the checkout page, and redirects to JazzCash Portal for Payment. It also displays the payment history for the user’s device.


Presents comprehensive records for each historical record, encompassing

  • Electricity status
  • Device/Meter Reading
  • Date & Time
  • Errors & Warnings
  • History Type
  • Consumed Units


Filter on different history types can be downloaded as PDF, Excel Files.


Handles the display of history records in chunks or pages, allowing users to navigate through different pages of the history list.

Data Range Selection

Allows users to select a specific date range and associated filter to view history records within that time frame.


With real-time updates, this page will identify the presence of fault’s and conditions


With real-time updates, displays detailed information about Electrical Parameters related to the device

All Devices

Provides a comprehensive overview of all devices, including detailed information like device status, device mode, active power, current month units, and sharing status.The sharing status indicates whether the device is

  • Owned
  • Shared by the User
  • Shared with the User

Additionally, users have the option to delete a device.


Presents essential user details, including username, email address, CNIC, and contact number. Users can also perform updates to these details as needed

Change Password:  Provides the option to change the user’s password for account security and authentication purposes.

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